Boarding FAQs

01. What’s the difference between the day and the boarding camp?
The Day Camp is a schedule of activities running for 7 weeks. The day starts at 9am and ends at 2pm including two breaks with an optional excursion every Friday. After 2pm children go to their homes either by camp transport or their parents/guardians pick them up. The boarding campers sleep on campus for the session they’ve registered for. Their boarding fees include lodging, food, most activity costs…etc. Boarding kids participate in the day camp all through their period of stay and are treated as day campers but at 2pm they report to their boarding supervisors and follow their afternoon activity schedule.

02. What are the dates of the sessions?
1 Week > 10 July to 16 July > $450
2 Weeks > 10 July to 23 July > $800
4 Weeks > 10 July to 6 Aug. > $1400
6 Weeks > 10 July to 20 Aug. > $2000
2 Weeks (off-peak) > 7 Aug. to 20 Aug. > $650

03. Are places always available to register my kid anytime?
At BHSC we can accommodate a certain number of kids reaching a maximum of 60 boarders. Places what does this mean but we advise you to make your reservations as soon as possible. This way you can ensure your child’s place and avoid the waiting list.

04. Is transport from/to the airport available?
Transport from/to the airport is available if the airport arrival form is completed. Supervisors from our camp, carrying the BHSC logo, will be waiting for your child on arrival at the airport

05. Do you accept late night arrivals?
Late night arrival is no problem for us provided you tell us about it at least one week in advance.

06. How is dormitory placement determined? Which dorm house will my child be staying in?
Dorm placement is based on the following three things: Campers preference, camper age, and grade. We will only accept room-mate requests if they are mutual (you request me and I request you).

07. Can my child be in a dorm with his/her best friend, relative, etc?
We will do our best to honor mutual requests. However, there are many other factors involved in dorm placement (see above).

08. Who will my children have as monitors?
We are currently hiring staff from Lebanon and all over the world. They are screened through an extensive interview process, have to provide two references, and are placed in positions that match their individual skill levels and interests. Our monitors fall into two groups:
– Senior Monitors (BHS Teachers, University Graduates): highly qualified men and women who have experience working with children, and who have strong leadership skills.
– Junior Monitors (High School Graduates): young men and women who, before the start of the Summer Camp, attend workshops, which are given by specialized Summer Camp officers.

09. What if my child gets homesick?
It is important to remember that homesickness is a normal reaction of children (and many adults!) who are not used to being away from their normal routine and surroundings. Many campers, even those returning each summer, may feel a little homesick at some time. Usually, a gentle word from a monitor, the nurse, or a roommate is all that is required. However, a few campers will find it very difficult to cope with the challenge of being away from home. For these few campers we are always here to provide special care and support.

10. What if my child gets sick?
BHSC offers accident insurance to all campers. We have a nurse on day-time duty and a doctor on call in case of sudden illness. The camp fees include the school doctor’s serves only, and the cost of is the responsibility of parents or guardians. Most of the staff working with the campers have basic knowledge of first aid techniques for emergency.

11. Is there internet access during the camp?
Free Wi-Fi is available during the camp, strictly following the rules given by the Camp Director

12. Are cell phones allowed?
Previous Summer Camp experience has confirmed that cell phone use causes problems. The Summer Camp administration prefers campers not to bring cell phones with them. Mobile usage is restricted to specified times and at other times mobiles will be collected and stored for safekeeping. The Summer Camp administration is not responsible for damage loss of mobiles at any time. Wi-Fi is available during the camp, strictly following the rules given by the Camp Director.

13. Is weekend leave allowed?
Weekend leave is usually allowed. Parents should notify the monitor in charge of their child of the leave and the destination at least a week beforehand. The Summer Camp administration does not bear any responsibility for the child during weekend leave. Weekend leaves MUST start Friday at 4:00 pm and end Sunday between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

14. What will my child’s meals consist of?
Meals are prepared by our own chefs who pay me meticulous attention to quality, presentation and flavor to produce healthy, balanced menus. Attendance at all meals is compulsory. Meals are all Halal with no pork or alcohol included.

15. Can I call my child?
It is preferable not to call your child on a frequent basis; we have found it creates homesickness for your child who has just heard your voice and finds it as hard to hang up the phone as saying goodbye on the first day of Summer Camp. However, a phone call per week near the end of the first week is suggested. We advise you to call the boarding director for information about your child before talking to the child.

16. Can I visit my child or your camp?
It is preferable not to visit your child on a frequent basis, again for reasons of homesickness. However, we allow visits on Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

17. Do extra activities require additional charges?
Some optional extra activities require an additional charge such as horseback riding, coached tennis (with the campers own racket), carting, paintball, Jet Ski, and banana boat.

18. How does the laundry service work?
Our Summer Camp provides a laundry service for all boarders at no extra cost. The clothes have to be labelled as directed under boarding information.

19. How is pocket money given to my child money?
After the approval of the parents and the summer camp director, the child is permitted to spend a specified amount of money.
Medical fees in the event of illness, personal expenses (phone credits recharge, shopping, excess baggage, etc.), and transportation to and from the airport are paid from the available pocket money.
If you want to leave additional pocket money with the Direction, please keep in mind that only currency in Lebanese lira or US dollars is permitted.
The suggested amount of pocket money is included in the invoice sent to you after registration. Children will be able to withdraw small sums of pocket money, 2 or 3 times per week, from the person in charge.
Expenses such as medical fees in case of illness, personal expenses (UM services, stamps, phone calls, shopping, excess baggage, etc.) and the transport airport outside the camps’ official start and end dates are paid from the remaining pocket money.
Any amount still outstanding from the camp fees on the child’s account may also be settled from the child’s pocket money. 
If you wish to leave extra pocket money with the Direction, please note that only cash in Lebanese lira or US Dollars is allowed.

20. Do you collect my child’s passport and plane ticket upon arrival?
To avoid loss or damage, we reserve the right to collect valuables, plane ticket and passport upon arrival at the camp or whenever deemed necessary.

21. When must my child leave the camp after his session is finished?
Children must leave the Summer Camp on the evening their session has terminated or the next morning by 12:00 pm at the latest.

22. Does my child need to bring his own medication?
Possession of medicine by children is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Monitors MUST be notified of ANY medical problems and of ANY medicine to be taken. Children can bring their medication with them, but it must be handed to the monitor in charge at the beginning of the camp.

23. At what time should my child arrive on his first day at camp?”
On the first day, boarding campers should arrive on campus after 3:00 p.m.