This year the Boarding camp starts on 7 July 2024  (Boys and Girls 6–15 years).

We know many of our visitors relish the opportunity to board with us. Children both from Lebanon and abroad take advantage of this offer and it is a wonderful way to fully immerse themselves in the overall BHS Summer Experience. From getting up in the morning to falling asleep at night, every boy and girl is safe and happy, further enabling lifelong friends and memories to be made.

For those who have boarded with us in the past, we are sure they’ll be back again! For those who haven’t experienced boarding yet, don’t miss out on the chance to try it in 2024!

Please note: In case of illness, we cover the school doctor’s fees. Any other medical treatment needed will be at the parent’s or guardian’s expense.

Click HERE for the summer camp daily menu.

1 Week > 7 July to 14 July > $500
2 Weeks > 7 July to 21 July > $890
4 Weeks > 7 July to 4 Aug. > $1550
6 Weeks > 7 July to 18 Aug. > $2000
2 Weeks (off-peak) > 4 Aug. to 18 Aug. > $650

Payments can be made at the school or at the following banks:
Credit Libanais SAL, Lebanon – Brummana Branch –

IBAN $ (Fresh) LB58 0053 001R USD0 0240 5497 2017 

 Société Générale de Banque au Liban SAL, Lebanon – Mansourieh Branch –
IBAN $ (Fresh)  LB45 0019 0000 0010 1561 7901 3840

 Audi Bank, Lebanon – Brummana Branch – 
IBAN $ (Fresh)  LB27 0056 0000 0000 0055 3909 0021

 Bank of Beirut, Lebanon – Brummana Branch – 
IBAN $ (Fresh)  LB85 0075 0000 0001 140Z 0460 0000

 Byblos Bank, Lebanon – Baabdat Branch – 
IBAN $ (Fresh)  LB27 0039 0000 0006 1010 0113 5010

Please note that those paying via bank transfer from abroad or from Lebanon must pay in fresh dollars only and must also pay the bank charges in addition to the camp fees.

The boarding fees include:

  • One optional class per day in the education programme
  • All outside trips and activities
  • Use of the swimming pool after Day Camp hours
  • Afternoon and weekend outings and activities (rafting, caving, sea trips, boat trips, cinemas…)
  • Full board, with high quality meals prepared on campus
  • Laundry
  • 24-hour accident insurance
  • Extra activities such as paintball, horseback riding, banana boats, tennis, and water and disc skiing can be arranged at an additional cost.