Day Camp


The starting dates for this year are:
July 1st: 3-4 years (group 1), 9-11 years (group 4) & 12-15 years (group 5)
July 2nd: 5-6 years (group 2) & 7-8 years (group 3)

The Summer Camp is run Mondays to Fridays from 9:00am to 2:00pm. If the traditional Friday trips are possible each week for summer 2021, these will run until 5:00pm. We run a programme of around 30 activities. Activities are selected so as to best ensure the participation of our campers and to teach them new skills. Each camper has the opportunity to choose a minimum of 10 activities and participate in each activity twice a week.

A full programme of activities starts at 9:00am daily: swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, street hockey, mini-rugby, softball, water polo, badminton, ping-pong, climbing and abseiling, rope games, rollerblading, competitions with other summer camps, darts, chess and other board games, cycling, scooter and skate- boards, track and field, dance, taekwondo, art and crafts and IT. Additional swimming coaching is available between 2:00 and 4:00pm.

BHS is constantly searching for new and exciting trip opportunities for participants, which for now include rafting, climbing, trekking, caving, sea and boat trips or visits to museums and other sites of specific interest. As noted above, whether trips are possible this year is still to be determined.


Each year, we strive to provide every boy and girl with new activities, as we continually look to keep our programme updated. Along with our exciting new Alternative Education Programme, we are offering these new activities in summer 2021, taking into account new facilities available on the BHS campus:

  • Planting and gardening activities in the school’s new greenhouse
  • Coding and robotics in the new BHS lab

This year we will also ensure each summer participant gets an opportunity to experience the new BHS Sports Arena, with a running track and top-of-the-range artificial grass football field!